V Wheels Two Wheelers

V – Wheels (Two Wheelers)

Purpose :

Purchase of New Two Wheelers.

Eligibility :

Individuals aged between 21 and 70 years.

Permanent Employee of State/Central Govt., Public/Joint Sector Undertaking, Private Establishment or Reputed Company.

Pensioners drawing pension through our bank.

Professionals/Self Employed persons having independent income.

Loan Amount :

85% of the cost/invoice of new vehicle.

100% of the cost/invoice for new vehicles:

Extending loan to the extent of 100% of the cost of the vehicle is permitted in case of all category of borrowers who have availed various loans by mortgaging their land and building irrespective of salaried or non-salaried class after maintaining requisite margin on existing exposure by taking continuing security of immovable property subject to satisfactory track record in repayment / conduct of existing account/s.

Continuing charge is to be created as per State Acts / HO guidelines

Rate of Interest :

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Repayment Period :

     Maximum : 60 months

*Conditions apply