V Auditor


  • For construction of new office premises, renovation/expansion/modernization of existing premises
  • For acquisition of ready built office premises on ownership basis
  • For acquiring land and construction of office premises thereon
  • To purchase furniture & fixture, office equipment, computers, other accessories etc.
  • Towards working capital and/ or  financing receivables


  • Chartered Accountants ,Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries with minimum experience of  5 years from the date of Certificate of Practice (COP), individually or Proprietorship Concern or a Partnership Firm/Partnership with Limited Liability,
  • The applicants /Firms are registered with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)/ Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI)/Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and also holding valid certificate/license for practicing.
  • The Applicants/Firms/ should not have been subjected to disciplinary action by the respective Institutes.

Entry Age

  • Between 21 -65 years (in case Individuals and proprietorship)

Nature of


  • Term Loan- For acquisition of movable and immovable  assets related to profession
  • Working Capital – Cash Credit-Hypothecation (or combination of both depending upon requirement)

Loan amount

  • Minimum   : Rs.2.00 lakhs
  • Maximum : Rs.100.00 lakhs of which, Working Capital component(CCH) shall not exceed Rs.10 lakhs


  • The repayment will be fixed in such a way that the entire  loan(both term loan and cash credit ) will be fully repaid before completion of 72 years of age of the applicant(in case of individual/proprietor).
  • Term loan: Repayable in maximum of 84 EMIs, with initial moratorium of maximum upto 12 months. Interest has to be serviced during moratorium period.
  • Working capital: To be reviewed/renewed every year.

Financial and other  documents

  • IT Return for 3 years, Balance Sheet.
  • Project report  duly incorporating Projected Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, DSCR etc.(indicative)
  • If the loan amount exceeds Rs.10.00 Lakhs financial documents & other documents should be certified by another Auditor.

Rate of Interest

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Charges(excluding service tax)


  • Processing/upfront fees:

·       No processing fee for loans upto Rs.5.00 lacs

·       0.25% of the loan amount for loans exceeding Rs.5.00 lacs

  • Documentation charges :

·         No documentation charges for loans upto Rs.25.00 lacs

·         0.15% of loan amount for loans exceeding Rs.25.00 lacs

  • Inspection Charges :

·         Rs.250.00 or actual expenses incurred whichever is high, to be collected quarterly