V-Swadesh - Financial Assistance to MSME segment with Flexible terms and conditions


•    Meeting working capital needs.

•    Acquiring assets for business needs.


•    MSME units.

Quantum of finance subject to assessment:

•    Minimum loan amount- Rs.0.25 crores

•    Maximum Loan Amount- Rs.25.00 crores


•    Term Loan: Entire project Assets created out of the loan.

•    Working Capital: Hypothecation of stocks and receivables.

•    Collateral security to the extent of at least 50% of total exposure. 

Rate of Interest:

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Repayment period:      

•Term Loan : The door to door tenor shall normally be restricted to 8 years including moratorium period. In case of purchase of second hand/used machinery repayment period is restricted to the extent of residual life of the asset being purchased. 

•Working Capital : Facility for a period of one year from the date of  sanction subject to review/renewal.


•Personal guarantee of partners in case of partnership and LLPs; Karta & Coparceners in case of HUF and promoter directors in case of private and public limited companies. Personal guarantee of a third party in case of proprietorship concerns. 

•For loans covered under CGTMSE scheme no third party guarantee shall be insisted.

Margin -

Term loans          - Minimum 20% on project cost

Working Capital    - 25% on stocks

                        - 40% on receivables

Security -

Term loan - Assets created out of bank finance.