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Customer Contact Cell is functioning at all 32 Regional Offices and the contact details of the Customer Contact Officer are given below:

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you can contact us at any of our branches too.

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Advisory to General Public from Directorate of Public Grievance (DPG)

Enhancing Awareness on Banking Unscrupulous offers etc by RBI

Beware of Dubious Schemes and ATMs DO's and DON'Ts by IBA

Public Grievances


For attending to customers’ grievances an exclusive Customer Grievance Redressal Cell attached to Planning & Development Department at Head Office has been set up to monitor the redressal of complaints received from the customers. The Department is headed by a General Manager who is the Nodal Officer for Public Grievances. We have Customer Grievance Redressal Sections headed by Regional Managers at all our 32 Regions.

Customer Meet is conducted by the Bank on 15th of every month (next working day, if it happens to be Saturday or Holiday).The customers of the Bank can meet the branch head, executives of the bank without any prior appointment and discuss issues relating to their accounts/banking transactions etc.

Customers of the Bank may meet the Branch Manager in case of any complaint for immediate redressal. If the complaint is not redressed to the satisfaction of the customer, the matter may be taken up with the Regional Manager concerned.

If the customer still feels unsatisfied with the responses received, he can address his complaint to the Bank’s Nodal Officer designated to deal with customer complaints/grievances giving full details of the case.

Smt Nirmala Sridhar,

The Nodal Officer/Chief Grievance Redressal Officer,

Vijaya Bank

Customer Comfort Cell

Head Office, 41/2, M. G. Road

Bengaluru – 560 001.

TEL (O) 080 - 25584066 Ext 500, FAX 080 - 

For Internet Banking queries - email -

Tel (O) 080 -25584066

For all queries please contact the following TOLL FREE numbers

1800 425 5885 , 1800 425 9992, 1800 425 4066

All the above numbers are available 24*7

After exhausting all the above machinery/channels, if the customer is not satisfied,  he is free to take recourse to the following:

  • Directorate of Public Grievances, Government of India , Cabinet Secretariat Sansad Marg, NEW DELHI -110 001
  • The Banking Ombudsman located in State capitals under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme- 2006
  • The District Consumer Forums under Consumer Protection Act. 1985

Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.

The name, designation, address, telephone No./Fax numbers of the respective Regional head and also of the Nodal Officer dealing with customer grievances/complaints at Head Office level have been displayed in the branch premises.

You may also complaint to our Toll Free No. 1800 425 5885 , 1800 425 9992, 1800 425 4066

If you need specific information or clarifications on any of our services, please get in touch with us at Head Office or directly with the Vijaya Bank branch located near you. We will do our best to make your banking more convenient.

For NRI Customers only -

Helpline : A helpline is available at the International Banking Division for any clarifications regarding matters relating to Non-Resident Deposits.

Any queries may be sent to the following address marked to the attention of


Vijaya Bank

NRI Customer Cell

International Banking Division

Head Office, 41/2, M. G. Road 

Bengaluru– 560 001

Tel : 91 80 25584066

For all queries please contact the following TOLL FREE numbers

1800 425 5885 , 1800 425 9992, 1800 425 4066

All the above numbers are available 24*7 

Detailed statement of complaints / grievances

Detailed statement of complaints and its analysis during the period from 01-04-2016 to 31-03-2017


a Number of complaints pending at the beginning of the Year. 37
b Number of complaints received during the year 5850
c Number of complaints redressed during the year 5848
d Number of complaints pending at the end of the year 39


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