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1)       What is a VNet Banking?
VNet Banking is the Internet Banking facility made available for Vijaya Bank Customers. Using VNet Banking you can access your Operative and loan accounts from any where, any time of the day at your convenience. By using VNet Banking you will be in touch with your account for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
2)      What are the advantages of Internet Banking?
Internet Banking allows you to access your bank accounts at your convenience, from any where, at any time
3)      I do not have a VNet Banking Account, How can I obtain it?
You can download the VNet Banking registration form. Fill the application form and submit to your branch. User ID and password will be mailed to you.
4)      What is the eligibility criteria for having a VNet Banking Account?
You should have an operative or loan account with any of our Vijaya Bank Branches which is Internet Banking Enabled.
5)      I do not have account with an Internet Banking enabled branch, what do I do?
You can opt for any of the following options.
•           Wait till your Branch becomes Internet enabled.
•           Open a account at Internet Banking Enabled Branch.
•           Transfer your existing account to a Internet Banking Enabled Branch.
6)      I have got my VNet Banking User ID and Password, What should I Do?
You can login using your VNet Banking User ID and Password. When you login for the first time you will get a screen, which will prompt you to change both the Login and Transaction Passwords. After successfully changing your password, You have to login with the changed password when you login next time.
7)      How many passwords do I have for VNet Banking ?
There are two passwords, one for logging-in to VNet Banking and one for doing transaction through VNet Banking.
• Login Password - A login password is required for logging in to VNet Banking.
• Transaction Password - A transaction password is required whenever you are doing any financial transactions on your accounts through VNet Banking. It is second level of authentication to confirm the authenticity of User.
8)      Can I change my passwords?
Yes. It is mandatory for you to change the machine generated Password with your convenient Password.
9)      What are the good practices in creating and maintaining a password?
You are requested to choose a password that is not a dictionary word and not guessable from your personal information known to others such as names in the family, vehicle numbers, Birth dates etc. You should change your password frequently. Please do not write it down password somewhere. Do not divulge your password to anybody even if they claim to be from the bank.
10) I have accounts in two different branches of Vijaya Bank. Can I link those account under one User ID?
Yes. You can link your accounts even though they are in different branches under one User Id. Prerequisite for this is to maintain a same customer ID in both branches.


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